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Our goal is to strengthen the community and stay up-to-date on the latest developments, national initiatives and the people involved around computational science. Here we are committed to bridging the gap between professionals, researchers and interested parties, providing a vibrant hub for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration and discovering the latest developments in computational science.

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Meet the quartermasters

Haili Hu

Organization: SURF
Job: Research Partnership Lead

Haili Hu is Research Partnership Lead at SURF, the collaborative organization for IT in Dutch education and research. She is working on IT innovation with the Earth Observation, Astronomy and Physics research communities to ensure that the needs of these disciplines are translated into the necessary, future IT infrastructure.

Haili holds a doctorate in physics and astronomy from Radboud University Nijmegen and KU Leuven. For her academic work, she received a Rubicon and Veni grant from NWO. She then worked as a scientist at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research on satellite remote sensing of greenhouse gases, and as a software engineer in industry and academia.

Computational science always played an important role in her work, where she used and co-developed stellar evolution codes, radiative transfer codes and atmospheric retrieval algorithms.

Dr. Stephan van Duren

Organization: NWO
Function: Sr. Policy Advisor

At NWO Science Domain, he works in the Chemistry & Physics Department as Senior Policy Advisor. Stephan is closely involved in the development of strategic agendas and funding opportunities in various application areas, such as Energy Materials and The Societal Impact of Quantum Technology. Before that, he worked as an IT/business consultant and earned a PhD in applied physics from TU Berlin.

In his current position, he works closely with people from various fields, including social and applied sciences and government agencies. His broad background in information management, IT and applied physics facilitates collaboration between industry, academia and government. Kees Vuik

Organization: TU Delft
Job: Professor of Numerical Analysis

Kees Vuik received his MSc in Applied Mathematics from Delft University of Technology. After a brief stay at Philips Research Laboratories, he received his doctorate in mathematics from Utrecht University. From 1988, he worked at the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology. In 2007, he became a professor of numerical analysis at this institute. His research focuses on numerical modeling of physical and biological applications, numerical linear algebra and high performance computing. His work is based on interdisciplinary research, both with other academic groups and with industry.

André Prins

Organization: RIVM
Position: senior technical manager

I am a computer scientist with over 18 years of experience in software engineering and experience leading a team of engineers and researchers. My personal mission is to coach engineers with academic backgrounds in more professional software engineering practices and in computational science.

As senior technical manager, I am responsible for a small team of technical managers. Together, we support the competency development of all our engineers at ALTEN. In addition, I am the practice lead for scientific software engineering and software architecture. In that role, I help our software engineers, researchers and architects shape their career paths. When necessary, I coach teams and engineers on scientific programming, c++ and numerical algorithms.

I also have an advisory role on the commercial side of our business, where I provide technical input to customer requests and quotes. Once a project is started, I am responsible for the overall project success and am the quality manager at ALTEN, responsible for ISO 9001 certification.

Dr. Johan Mentink

Organization: Radboud University Nijmegen
Position: Assistant professor – Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Correlated Materials

Johan Mentink is an associate professor at Radboud University, pioneering the application of machine learning methods to simulate ultrafast quantum dynamics of antiferromagnets (PRL2021). He is a recognized leader in the theory of ultrafast magnetism (Rubicon 2012, VENI 2015, VIDI 2023, tenure track grant from the computational science for energy research initiative of NWO and Shell (2017)).

His theoretical research is known for close interaction with experimentalists aimed at revealing the mechanisms of ultrafast switching of magnetism mediated by strongly non-equilibrium states (PRL 2012, Nature Materials 2021), as well as for the ultrafast optical control of exchange interactions in antiferromagnetic oxides (PRL 2014, Nature Communications 2015). In 2021, he initiated and coordinated interdisciplinary research with SURF and IBM, investigating neuromorphic hardware to perform scientific computation faster and more energy-efficiently than conventional computing systems. It has the potential to perform calculations not yet possible with current computer systems.

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