When you look closely, Computational Science is everywhere. This is hardly surprising since it flourishes at the intersection of computer science, applied mathematics and a science domain. From alpha, gamma, STEM to medical research. It is, as it were, the driver of much research and nowadays indispensable. Also, many of the everyday products and systems we use could not exist or function optimally without a considerable effort from Computational Science.

Scientists explain

Benjamin Czaja, Sascha Caron, Daan Crommelin, Margot Gerritsen and Siewert-Jan Marrink are scientists from diverse backgrounds for whom Computational Science has become indispensable. Sascha (particle physicist) tries to understand the nature around us even better at the smallest scale and Siewert-Jan (life scientist) studies the biological processes of molecules. As a mathematician, Margot works on developing tools and algorithms for a wide range of applications and Daan conducts research on uncertainties in numerical simulations of complex dynamical systems, such as the atmosphere. Furthermore, Ben (supercomputer consultant) gives advice on the supercomputers, the software running on them and how to do energy-efficient computing.

Watch the video below in which they themselves explain why Computational Science is important.