Snellius: the National Supercomputer

Do you want to use the largest system in the Netherlands in terms of high-performance computing, fast processors and GPUs, a very fast internal network, lots of memory space and the ability to process large data sets? Meet the National Supercomputer Snellius.

Snellius: the National Supercomputer

Do you work with large and complex models that require a lot of computing power? The National Supercomputer provides that with a large number of super-fast processors. The system is ideally suited for extensive experiments, such as simulations and modeling. These require a lot of computing power and memory usage, as well as communication between processors. A key feature of Snellius is its high-speed internal network. This concerns not only bandwidth, but also latency: the time it takes to send a message from one node to another.

Computing power

Snellius runs on Linux. In addition to the AMD processors, the system also features GPGPUs (General Purpose Graphics Processing Units). These accelerators combine the processing power of graphics cards (GPUs) with that of CPUs. In addition, Snellius has “fat nodes” with more memory space (1 TB) and “high-memory nodes” (4 TB and 8 TB of memory space).

As a researcher, you can use a large collection of tools, compilers and libraries. Are you doing research or experiments in the field of machine learning, for example, neural networks? With the libraries and tools on Snellius, it gets a lot easier.

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