DUCOMS, the first interdisciplinary national Computational Science conference was a great success. It gave nearly 200 Computational Science professionals, on November 10 at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the opportunity to meet, make new connections and engage in conversation. At this conference, they were updated on the latest methods and applications of Computational Science. Also discussed was why Computational Science is so important for the future.

Researchers were given the opportunity to present their work with a poster. The jury chose three poster award winners. The 2nd and 3rd prize went to Dominique Kösters (RU) and Davide Cipollini (RUG), respectively. The winning poster was by Yue Hao (UvA) on “Image-based flow simulation of platelet aggregates under different shear rates.” The lucky winners received two unique CSNL prize cups.

The plenary lectures took participants into the world of models, simulations, machine learning and data analysis methods. Various applications were highlighted: from water management, infectious diseases and drug discoveries to the development of a digital twin of the human body. For example, to better investigate osteoarthritis in the knee at different scales.

Participants were able to go in depth during the parallel sessions. These were chosen according to the focus areas of the national agenda for Computational Science..

After an inspiring lecture by Margot Gerritsen on the importance of Computational Science, for now and in the future, the day ended with drinks and a lot of enthousiasm.